How Teen Pregnancy Was Depicted On Screen and In Print Before ’16 and Pregnant’

Before we could associate teen pregnancy with domestic violence and giant tattoos of the baby’s face, people still needed their fix of high schoolers with strollers. Girls have gotten more options, boys have gotten some more responsibilities, and society has gotten a little less judgmental (well, parts of it anyway). So let’s take a look back at how teen pregnancy used to look before it looked like this.

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    • California Dreamin’

      We watched “15 and Pregnant” in my 7th grade sex-ed class.

    • Kristen

      I can’t believe I have seen/read all of these movies/books/shows. Most interesting is the Paul Dano one where his mother is objecting to him having to go to an alternative school like the pregnant mother has to go to. Like a good guy, he agrees to go regardless, if her life is changing his should too. Unfortunately those types of policies requiring the expectant father to bow down the way the expectant mother does are rare in this world and very easily set aside. One interesting omission here, The Pregnancy Pact, also a Lifetime movie based on a real life group of New England girls.

    • Rhiannon

      Woah Woah Woah. We can’t forget about Spike from Degrassi Jr. High!!!