Chick Flick Check List: ‘Bridesmaids’

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Bridesmaids is apparently the most important female movie of our time. Why? Because the Hollywood gods have decided to wait to see how well it does at the box office before deciding on the fate of other female scripted screenplays. That’s just silly. Bridesmaids isn’t the ultimate women’s movie. But apparently it is contentious. According to Jamie Denbo,

“Bridesmaids is not a “chick flick”. It’s a “flick” that happens to have chicks in it.”

Touche! Also, people are getting all riled up about comparing this pre-wedding movie to the male bachelor party movie The Hangover.

And they are very different movies. For instance, Bridesmaids is far less coherent than The Hangover. But there is good news!

Bridesmaids is often hilarious. Also, news flash: this movie is called BRIDESMAIDS. And so we are ranking it on the Chick Flick Check List. Enjoy!

The Chick Flick Check List is here to help you navigate the difficult terrain of films aimed toward women. These movies may not be Oscar-caliber material, but when you’re in need of shoe porn or a good cry, they can be just the trick. Follow our guidelines to decide whether this week’s film is worth watching.

Bridesmaids’ Check List Ranking: 80

Likability of the lead: 9/10

Kristin Wiig is adorable as Annie, a baker whose life  is in a bit of a downswing. Her business went bankrupt, her boyfriend dumped her and she’s contemplating moving back home. And thank the lord, Wiig refrains from making Annie too much like many of her recurring Saturday Night Live characters. Let us all collectively step on the grave of Gilly! Kristen Wiig may be one of the prettiest comediennes around, and in Bridesmaids she manages to be sweet, guileless and hot. Not an easy combination.

Plot/Script: 6/10

The problem with Bridesmaids is that it tries too hard to shoehorn itself into a wedding plotline. But there are so many amazingly funny scenes that the completely incoherent plot is only a minor tragedy. Did Kristen Wiig write the movie this way, or did someone decide it needed to be more girly? I don’t know. But I do know this: Watching Annie try to cope as her best friend’s (Maya Rudolph) life takes off in new ways is really interesting. Watching her put her life back together is far more interesting than the girl fight she has with Rose Byrne‘s character Helen. Also, her dead bakery was called Cake Baby And I really sort of wish the movie had been called Cake Baby instead of Bridesmaids. (But I am predisposed towards Cakes and Babies).

Despite some plot disasters (like a terrible wedding dress that is mocked and then worn like everything got fixed), the actual important part of Bridesmaids is watching Kristen Wiig interact with her castmates. Their rapport is fresh, funny and interesting. And – aside from an extended poop joke – decidedly female. The world needs more movies featuring impressive female improvers like Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph impersonating penises together.

Chemistry Between The Leads: 9/10

Chris O’Dowd is so adorable I can barely contain this sentence. Some people might recognize him from The Boat That Rocked, but that movie was so painful that I have blocked almost all of it from my brain. He caught me completely off guard and I’m so glad that someone cast him as Wiig’s love interest. He may not look like the typical heartthrob movie star, but his demeanor and line delivery is almost inspired. He plays a pretty standard nice guy who teaches Kristen’s character some basic lessons. But he’s so adorable that you barely mind that he is Irish and plays a local Milwaukee police officer. Which actually makes no sense.

I would also be remiss to ignore the amazing chemistry between Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig. The two former SNL castmates get along together so well on screen it makes you want them to do lots more movies together. In fact, almost everyone from this movie will soon be on screen again in Friends With Kids, so we have something else to look forward to.

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    • Tally

      I want to see this movie. SO BAD.

    • Allison

      Has anyone mentioned that this movie takes place in Milwaukee, WI, not Minneapolis, MN?

      • Meghan Keane

        Oops. Thanks Allison. Fixed!