Record-Breaking Spice Girls Collector Liz West Shares Her Favorite Things

Growing up in the ’90s, pop music was THE music to listen to. And even though boy bands ruled the scene, the Spice Girls showed us the meaning of “girl power” with their crazy and, at times, skin bearing clothes, high energy and overall “zig-ah-zig-ah” way of life. And while we bought the lollipops, albums and Spice World on VHS, Liz West was collecting it all. She started with the dolls and “cheaper” things in her tween years then moved onto stage outfits as a college student.

“My dad’s a record collector as well, and he’s got shelves full of vinyl back home so I grew up with a collector mentality,” West said. “And when I was 11 and 12 and bought the dolls and all the cheap stuff, I used to get the merchandise from places like that. And I thought naively that I was the biggest collector and obviously had that collector’s instinct in me because I wouldn’t open anything and would keep it intact.”

After over a decade of collecting, the 26-year-old UK-based fine artist accumulated about 4,000 pieces (including the girls’ solo careers) and recently broke the record Guinness World Record for the biggest amount of Spice Girls memorabilia with 2,066 Spice Girls-branded things.

I recently headed over to the Leeds City Museum in the UK – where West’s collection is currently on display until July – to talk to this uber Spice Girls fan about her favorite things.

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    • Steve

      Last week we visited the Spice Girls exhibit for our podcast on Itunes (The Best Thing From Podcast at if anyones interested) it was an interesting visit! I didn’t know what to expect but my cohost was extremely excited to be there and we had a fun time. There were so many things we recognised and remembered from various points in our lives, it was almost like seeing a history of ourselves. Well worth a visit before the exhibit closes!