‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Star Taylor Armstrong And Her Husband Have Separated

Try to look surprised – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills villain Taylor Armstrong and her husband Russell Armstrong have separated. Anyone who watched the show will remember how Taylor spent most of her scenes and talking head segments complaining about Russell and saying he was boring and cold, even going so far as to tell fellow Housewife Kyle Richards that Taylor’s marriage was “a business arrangement.” Russell, for what it’s worth, seemed really uncomfortable in front of the cameras and always looked like he wanted to go home.

A source (I’m guessing Taylor herself, or her publicist) told Us Weekly that the couple separated three weeks ago. The couple reportedly split because of fights about money, which also isn’t shocking considering that Taylor spent five figures on their daughter Kennedy‘s fifth birthday party. I assume this means that Taylor’s divorce is going to become a major storyline during season two of Real Housewives, the way that Camille Grammer‘s divorce from Kelsey Grammer was a big plot in season one. In an interesting tidbit, Us adds a little nugget of show gossip at the end of the post, mentioning that Kyle and new addition Brandi Glanville have been fighting nonstop. Season two is going to be so good, you guys.

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