‘Hunger Games’ Fireside Chat Episode 6 Highlights

Every time a tribute is chosen for the Hunger Games, Effie Trinket or another representative greets him/her with, “May the odds be ever in your favor!” Last night’s Fireside Chat podcast was a situation in which we had to deal with the unexpected odds of our guests being unable to phone in. But with a huge group of panelists, we ended up with several fascinating discussions, most notably about what genre Lionsgate should classify The Hunger Games as, and if the series should be translated to video game form.

Fan artist Kate Wheeler (that’s her work, above) was able to call in, so we chatted with her about her commissions and how she envisions Fireside Chat’s favorite character, Greasy Sae. My favorite part of the night was the debate over whether a video game based on The Hunger Games would just glorify teen-on-teen violence, or if instead of the dystopian version of a shoot-em-up we could have more of a character-based role-playing game.

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