Gallery: Lady Gaga Wears Underwear in Public

She’s done it again, ladies and gentlemen, Lady Gaga has left the house wearing nothing but her skivvies. Which means that our worst nightmare is Gaga’s Tuesday afternoon. From the streets of London to Yankee Stadium to John Lennon‘s piano bench, LG has graced the corners of the world with her near-nakedness.

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    • tl

      can we say.. madonna?

    • sara

      You know what? Tights look like crap on anyone. They give you a big lump right where they end and I’m sure it’s all part of her bit or whatever, but I like that she’s wandering around (or marching around, whatever) in (destroyed) tights that cut her off in the middle and panties that bunch and generally looking like a train wreck to make me feel better about sliding out of a pair.

    • Vladimir From Tintation

      Wow! I see that she is getting more and more messed up with each day :/