5 Facts About ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Danielle Cunningham

This week, we meet Danielle Cunningham, who is from Ohio and dreamed of being a lawyer. You know, before she was sixteen and pregnant. I love how this show always tries to surprise you with that fact – you cannot surprise me when it’s in the title of the show, MTV.

1. She met her boyfriend Jamie when she was living with her grandma.

Although Danielle had been a good kid, she fell in with a bad crowd and started “partying” too much and cutting class. She moved in with her grandmother in a town 45 minutes away, which her grandmother thought might force Danielle to behave and get her act together. Instead, Danielle met Jamie, had unprotected sex with him, and got pregnant.

2. Her mom took Danielle’s pregnancy really personally.

Danielle’s mother Casey admitted that they were having problems, hence why Danielle got shipped off to live with her grandma when Casey couldn’t control her. Now that Danielle is pregnant she has moved back in with Casey, but Casey cries and says she feels like a failure and that people assume she’s a bad mom because her daughter got knocked up. Casey is upset because she was a pregnant 16 year old and she thought she taught her daughter better than that. Poor Casey. She looks so heartbroken.

3. Danielle and Jamie have money problems.

Although Danielle is really adamant about wanting to live on her own instead of with her mom, it doesn’t seem feasible. Danielle is still in school (although she has missed so much that she says she’s in “grade ten and a half”) and Jamie works at a fast-food place making $600 a month. Jamie and Danielle have a really stupid fight about how much stuff the baby is going to need, and Danielle tries to point out that you can’t predict ahead of time how many diapers and wipes a baby will need, which makes Jamie mad because he can’t figure out their budget.

4. Danielle had to have an emergency C-section.

When her doctor realized that the baby had stopped breathing in utero, Danielle had to have an emergency procedure where the baby – Jamie, Jr. of course – was suctioned out of her. Luckily, he was okay. And then Jamie Senior uttered my favorite line of the episode: “He’s like, perfect. He looks identical to me.” The second best quote of the episode comes immediately afterward, which is when a nurse at the hospital teaches Danielle how to swaddle the baby and says, “He’s just like a little burrito.”

5. Danielle moved in with Jamie and his dad.

Jamie’s dad works in construction and gets Jamie a job working with him. Casey doesn’t like the idea, and Jamie’s dad gets pissed about them being messy and fighting all the time. (I don’t blame him.) In pretty typical 16 and Pregnant fashion, Jamie wants to hang out with his friends after working all day and Danielle resents being home with the baby all day. Danielle finds a daycare that is free for students, but Jamie doesn’t think it’s right to leave their son there. At the end of the episode, Danielle moves back in with Casey and realizes that her perfect little idea of a happy cute family wasn’t super realistic. She cries and says that her friends forgot about her and she thinks she’ll never finish high school. I feel kind of bad for her, but I also want to tie her to a chair and make her watch every previous episode of this show.

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    • sara grounds

      I love the last sentence, ” I feel kind of bad for her, but I also want to tie her to a chair and make her watch every previous episode of this show.”

    • Stephanie

      it wasn’t a c section…and something I also wondered from watching the show…just HOW does a baby stop breathing, if they have yet to be born and take their FIRST breath?!

      • Lilit Marcus

        Yeah, I found that whole scene confusing and had to rewatch it. I feel like a lot of information was left out, or maybe Danielle didn’t do a great job explaining what happened. I just get the impression that a lot of the girls on this show don’t do a lot of research about labor and delivery and don’t ask their doctor questions.

    • jenny

      ummmm since Danielle’s mom was a teen mom, i am not sure that i would let my teen daughter go live with my mom if I got pregnant @ the same age. Danielle’s mom was not sure if she should in the first place. Wow grandma is 0-2