Crushable Quotable: Leven Rambin Prepares to Kill Jennifer Lawrence

Chatting with Interview magazine a week after it was announced that she would play Glimmer, the female District 1 tribute in The Hunger Games, Leven Rambin reveals that she’s had a giddy time of preparing to play one of the 24 tributes fighting to the death in Suzanne Collins‘ dystopian world.

She admits that she’s intimdated in more than one way. First she has to live up to fans’ expectations, though so far the reception has been good. Then she has to make sure she fulfills the original descriptions Collins gave for Glimmer: Provocatively sexy, arrogant, and strong. Finally, there’s the biggest transformation: To make herself into a suitable opponent for Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen:

“I am most nervous about—oh man, I’m pretty nervous! [laughs] About, I guess, being able to act with these really great talents, and holding my own. And trying to want to kill Jennifer Lawrence—being able to intimidate her, because she is a very strong actress, and to go up against her, go head-to-head with her, is kind of nerve-racking. I admire her, and hopefully, I’m sure we’ll get along. Yeah—I’m just nervous to have this big opportunity, and I hope I don’t blow it!”

Rambin says that she’s been on an intensive exercise and nutrition regimen since she heard the news, denying herself even a cookie because she wants to uphold the kind of discipline that District 1 tributes like Glimmer can afford. She adds that she’s a huge fan of the books and forced them on all her friends. It’s easy to doubt actresses when they gush over the source material, but Rambin seems genuinely excited for shooting.


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