• Tue, May 10 2011

Across the Pond: It’s Eurovision Time, and Blue Is Flying the Flag for the UK

Semi Finals Czech Republic

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  • Niamh

    OMG, have you seen Lordi’s crazy platforms..? Weirdly cool, reminds me Spice girl platforms…

  • Bhavna

    So, Blue didn’t win :-( Still, an improvement from nul point..! Wonder what Blue will do next, I don’t think they have a good musical career ahead of them…

  • Serena

    I just didn’t think Blue were good enough. It was an OK track, just not catchy enough. Till next year..!

  • Usha

    I’m seeing a tonne of Blue music vid re-runs. Wonder what their new stuff is like. That’s IF they’ve still got a record deal after their ‘performance’ @ Eurovision…