Across the Pond: It’s Eurovision Time, and Blue Is Flying the Flag for the UK

How many boybands were on your radar when growing up? There has always been a plethora of pop groups since I can remember. From the sexy Spice Girls to the brilliant Backstreet Boys (I Want It That Way still sends a shiver down my spine), I can name at least 20 fabulous poptastic groups off the top of my head. But have you ever wondered where they are now? Grown up and therefore unable to qualify for the category of a boy / girl group (why oh why, do we grow up so fast?), these once famous pop princes and princesses disbanded and faded into oblivion. Whilst some focused on solo careers and tried to forge a career in the media arena, some merely saw the hiatus as a mini-break and plotted their return with a vengeance. Case in point: Blue.

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    • Niamh

      OMG, have you seen Lordi’s crazy platforms..? Weirdly cool, reminds me Spice girl platforms…

    • Bhavna

      So, Blue didn’t win :-( Still, an improvement from nul point..! Wonder what Blue will do next, I don’t think they have a good musical career ahead of them…

    • Serena

      I just didn’t think Blue were good enough. It was an OK track, just not catchy enough. Till next year..!

    • Usha

      I’m seeing a tonne of Blue music vid re-runs. Wonder what their new stuff is like. That’s IF they’ve still got a record deal after their ‘performance’ @ Eurovision…