7 Notable TV Crossovers

When we interviewed Liz Gillies at the Victorious press junket, she mentioned that her show would be doing a crossover with Nickelodeon’s other big earner, iCarly, called iParty with Victorious: “It’s wild and fun, and there’s a really cool guest star.” With the special airing on June 11, Nick just released a behind-the-scenes video of stars Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice, plus their respective casts, performing a mash-up of their theme songs. Yep, they take the idea of a TV crossover very seriously. Oh, and Kenan Thompson is gonna be on it.

The TV crossover is a tried-and-true way for networks to amp up viewership and get fans of one show interested in a similar one. It could be by fabricating situations (some more convincing than others) on scripted shows, or bringing in beloved actors onto one of the network’s competition shows. Plus, if you’re a fan of both parties, there’s a kind of novelty to seeing your favorite characters/actors interact with one another. Read on for examples from ABC, NBC, Nickelodeon, and The CW.

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    • steph

      Aw, nothing about when Steve Urkel visited the Tanners on Full House? For shame. It was actually the worst episode ever, but still, it happened.

    • helyreilly

      Also Melissa Rauch (who plays Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory) was also on True Blood as Summer for 6 episodes (trying to win Hoyt away from Jessica)…