12 Awesome Lesser-Known Celebrity Marriages

We’re all familiar with the concept of the high-profile celebrity romance; powerful marketing tools, these sorts of romances keep your name in the papers, and regardless as to whether the news is good or bad, press is press. But for every Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart, there are also loads of celebrity couples that manage to fly under the radar, and while the relationships may therefore be lesser known, they are no less amazing. Here are twelve of our favorite awesome but lesser-known celebrity marriages:

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    • Erin

      My all-time favorite celeb couple I had no idea was a couple is Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks. They were married from 1964 until her death in 2005.

    • Katie

      You just rocked my world. Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer? Yes, please. I’m, of course, a little disappointed it wasn’t Brian. But yay!