The Top Baby Names for 2010 Contain A Whole Lot of Pop Culture References

Pop culture has always been a popular source for baby names – Bella remains consistently popular because of Twilight, and Brandon had a big bump during the original 90210. 2010′s most popular baby names have just been released, and quite a few of them – especially on the girls’ side – owe a clear debt to TV and movies.

#1 – Isabella

You can thank Bella Swan for this one. (Standalone Bella also appears at #48.)

#11 – Addison

This one started working its way up the list after Kate Walsh‘s character was introduced on Grey’s Anatomy.

#19 – Hailey

It’s Eminem‘s daughter’s name.

#20 – Alyssa

Must be because Alyssa Milano is pregnant right now. Yep.

# 23 – Avery

If a girl named Avery can finally win Jack Donaghy’s heart on 30 Rock, we can see why people would want their daughters to aspire to that.

#26 – Sofia

Callie just chose this name for her newborn daughter on Grey’s Anatomy. I’m sure that Modern Family‘s Sofia Vergara also had something to do with this one.

#42 – Khloe

Well, at least there’s one Kardashian you can keep up with.

#44 – Aubrey

I refuse to accept that Chelsea Houska might have had something to do with this. REFUSE.

#50 – Alexa

British It girl and former MTV host Alexa Chung is probably the reason this name is popular again.

Although they’re not on the top 50 list yet, the two fastest growing names this year were Maci and Bentley – as in, the Teen Mom cast member and her kid. (You might not recognize the spelling, but it’s pronounced “Byintleee.”) I guess Maci is a slightly less terrible name than Kail, but why anyone would want to name their baby after a reality TV personality is beyond me. I mean, unless you wanted to name your kid JWoww. That is a great name.

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    • Corissia

      Or Aubrey O’Day, that would be pretty bad too.