Chick Flick Check List: ‘Something Borrowed’

Wardrobe: 6/10

Ginnifer Goodwin wears a lot of well-fitted suits and sensible heels. It gets a little boring, but she does look completely adorable in them. Thousands of mid-level lawyers should thank her. Meanwhile, Kate Hudson gets the majority of tight, hot outfits, but actually looks worse than usual? Those same lawyers and thousands of brunettes should thank her.

I’ve also deducted points here for how bad the hair in this movie is. Why are movie wigs still so bad?

Plot Believability: 6/10

This is a fake version of New York where pretty successful lawyer girls stay friends with mean party girls with alcohol problems. Oh wait. That part’s probably pretty realistic. It’s the love stories that start getting ridiculous. When did smart, successful women and men start having so much trouble telling people they liked them?

The characters are not nearly WASPy enough to get away with this much powerlessness in their dating lives.

Supporting Cast: 7/10

This film is filled with Baxters. Which is confusing, because they’re all very attractive, usually entertaining actors. But as the movie rolls on and Rachel tries to decide who she wants to be with, it’s hard not to hope that she won’t run away from them all and find some new friends and a better haircut.

That’s not to say there there aren’t lots of cute boys in this movie. Steve Howey ends up being pretty amusing, even though he starts off acting like a low-rent version of Ryan Reynolds. John Krasinski spends the first half of the movie desperately looking for validation from the the camera crew from The Office. After they fail to show up and he stops looking for the correct camera to direct his eye rolls, he eventually settles into the role and becomes pretty likable.

Male Eye Candy: 9/10

Dear Dex.

Please take your shirt off more.

Cheers, the World.

Food/Real Estate Porn: 7/10

If I ate as much Shake Shack as John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin do I would weigh roughly 800 pounds. The wonder of movies! They seem to meet up for lunch there every day. Can someone inform me how to get a high-paying legal job that requires that little work? (I’d like to still hang on to this job rather than eat that many cheeseburgers. Cheers.) The film also parades its characters around a number of New York City hotspots, and fits in key shots from the Hamptons, Westchester, and London. Aspiring wasps: this movie is for you!

Children, pets and other scene stealers: 6/10

Ginnifer Goodwin’s dance moves are adorable. Someone should cast her in a dance movie. Stat.

Our Check List ranks movies based on ten different criteria that are each worth a total of 10 points. The scale tops out at 100. To give you a reference, a classic like Breakfast at Tiffany’s might rank at 97. Check specific categories for your main interest.

*Movies that score below 50 on the Check List hold a special place in our hearts. And are best seen in groups. While drunk.

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      The book was really good – and then read the follow-up/sequel/prequel, Something Blue!