Celebrity Baby Gallery: Everyone Is Having Twins!

The new hot accessory in Hollywood isn’t a baby – it’s two babies. It seems like twins are all the rage for celebrities – just today, rumors circulated that French first lady/former model/singer/actress Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was the next one due to have twins. Who can her babies have playdates with?

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    • Catherine

      There are going to be some overcrowded private preschools pretty soon.

    • Kristen

      The majority of these twins are a result of assisted reproducted technology either IVF or surrogacy. So it makes it a selective twin baby boom. Twins are no longer as “special” as they once were (and let me be frank, all babys are special) because we have the technology now to make more of them. Making identical twins even more outstanding because while science can make an egg, it hasn’t figured out how to break one…yet.