If You’re Going to Throw Eggs at Justin Bieber, Try Staying Off the Internet

Last week, our spirit animal Justin Bieber was pelted with eggs at a concert in Australia, despite the fact that it is totally not Halloween right now. Luckily, the teenage boy who threw the eggs had bad aim, because the Biebs was not harmed and his perfect skin and hair remain untouched by all but the fingers of angels.

The suspect was apprehended by Sydney police. How did they find him? Because the teenager was reportedly bragging about the incident on Facebook – oh, I’m sorry, “a social networking site.” Here’s a hint, everyone: if you are going to do something illegal – particularly if it involves attempting to injure The Biebs, who is God’s representative on Earth – try not to mention it on the internet, because then you will get caught. And you know what’s even worse than getting arrested? Facing the wrath of the Beliebers.

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      Was the concert free? What is wrong with your life that you have to throw eggs at Bieber