The 5 Best Quotes from Rider Strong’s Vanity Fair Interview

Actor Rider Strong, best known for his stint as best friend Shawn on Boy Meets World, has a new movie out called The Dungeon Master. The movie – which, yes, is about Dungeons & Dragons – was co-directed with his brother Shiloh Strong. In a Vanity Fair interview, Rider showed that he is a) still kind of stoner-hot and b) really funny.

1. “I had hippie parents—that’s sort of the shorthand explanation. If I was going to be a girl, they were going to name me Sierra—so I would have been Sierra Strong. But my dad said, “That sounds like a stripper name.” But it never occurred to him that Rider Strong was the biggest porn name ever. “Ride-her-strong”—it sounds like a joke. No one pointed it out to me until I was 15. My father’s name is King Arthur Strong.”

2. “Look, I think the traditional child actor is one of two things: it’s either “I want nothing to do with this ever again” or “I need this again! I need the attention, I need the love, I need the affection of the crowd.” I think the people who survive the best are somewhat in-between.”

3. “I will bet you that people get high and watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

4. [When asked if Cory and Topanga would still be together] “Probably. No, no… because the whole conceit of the show was that they were meant for each other. So I can’t say that. Of course they’re still together in magical happy land.”

5. “In general, people remember my name, which is nice. But now it sounds like an actor-y affectation or something. If I were a writer, it would probably be better.”

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    • Emily

      I never noticed that about his name.

    • Flychick86

      I’ve thought about his name before. I also just thought about some of the things he said in the interview. Just sayin.