5 Facts About ’16 and Pregnant’ Star Jamie McKay

For the third episode of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, we got to know yet another girl whose name starts with J. (Are these people Duggars or something?) Jamie was actually 17 and pregnant, a high school senior in Asheville, NC. She and her older sister were raised by a single mom because her dad ran out on the family when she was a baby.

1. Her boyfriend Ryan McElrath, predictably, sucks.

Though he seems to be 18 at the oldest (he’s also in high school), Ryan has already gotten several speeding tickets and a DUI and lost his license. Jamie admits that she and Ryan didn’t use condoms or any other form of birth control, so it sounds like they have quite the brain trust going on. According to tabloid reports that started circulating today, Ryan is reportedly a coke addict who cheated on Jamie repeatedly while she was pregnant.

2. She doesn’t have much of a relationship with her dad.

Although she does know her dad John, he is remarried and has a new family somewhere else. Her dad found out that she was pregnant by seeing pictures of Jamie on MySpace (wait, people still have MySpace?), and he got really upset. Though Jamie and her dad and his family meet up in this episode, she also says that her dad didn’t call on her birthday. That scene really makes me feel for her. Her dad was a no-show at the baby shower.

3. Jamie’s mom hates Ryan.

I am on Jamie’s mom’s side in this matter. I figure that since she has dealt with a deadbeat husband, she is skeptical about all of Ryan’s promises. She agrees to let Ryan stay at their house, but in the baby’s room instead of Jamie’s. Considering that Ryan misses almost all of Jamie’s doctor’s appointments and then shows up drunk/hungover to the baby’s birth, I’m on Team Jamie’s Mom right now.

4. Her daughter’s name is Miah.

The whole episode when they were discussing the baby’s name I thought they were saying “Maya,” but Miah isn’t the most egregious creative name spelling I’ve seen on this show. Jamie didn’t put Ryan’s name on Miah’s birth certificate, so that brings up some interesting legal questions about Ryan’s parental rights. Later, Jamie and Ryan went to court to hammer out their custody arrangement, which proves someone has learned something from Maci Bookout and Kailyn Lowry‘s similar custody struggles.

5. Jamie broke up with Ryan.

Unlike a lot of the other pregnant teens on this show, Jamie realized that her boyfriend wasn’t going to change as soon as she had the baby. I give her mom a lot of credit for knocking reality into her, but Jamie seems pretty smart and devoted to her daughter. She deserves credit for cutting Ryan off when she had the chance, even though you can tell that it was a really difficult decision for her.

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    • Catherine

      Good for her for not putting up with her boyfriends crap.