Snap This: Kristen Stewart Has Some Really Strong Boob Tape

This photo of Kristen Stewart filming the sex scene for Breaking Dawn has me seriously admiring the way her bikini top seems to be defying gravity. That must be some super-powerful Jennifer-Lopez-at-the-Grammys level boob tape there.

[Via CelebBuzz]

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    • Meghan Keane

      I’m just confused about what’s going on in the scene that she needs a bikini top to be half on?

      • Lucia Peters

        ‘Twilight’ bikinis are magic. Or something.

      • Samantha

        It need to be half on so the back doesn’t show, like if she has her back to the camera. And yes, even though it can be green screened out, it might just make it a bit easier not to have to do so many touch up’s!

    • julia

      no cuz the bikini is green just like a green screen so they can do enything in the computer