Poll: Rebecca Black’s Royal Wedding Friday

You know, I’m actually kind of surprised there aren’t more of these out there, but hey, guess what? Royal Wedding + Friday = Rebecca Black parodies! So far I’ve managed to find two, so in honor of both the happy couple and the day of the week, take a listen to them here:

The first is less a parody of the song itself and more a music video TO the song; it involves footage of the wedding and some hilarious shots of posh people dancin’ crazy, all set to the tune of “Friday”:

The second draws most of its humor from the fact that it’s done as a patter song by some bloke who really doesn’t give a damn about the Royal Wedding:

I’m kind of partial to the first one mostly because I enjoy images of people in formal wear doing ridiculous things, but I can definitely see the draw of the second one as well. What do you think, readers? Which one is the superior “Friday”?

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