Fan Service: Comedians Sara Benincasa and Kevin Avery on Social Media and When Fans Go Too Far

Twitter vs. Facebook:

Benincasa: It’s funny that it brings us access to people that we look up to, and then there are people who regard us in a similar light, who now have access to us. Then, if there are people who consider them that way… It turns out that actors and rappers and philanthropists and politicians who we all admire, they watch stupid TV also and listen to music. It’s a place where everybody can geek out. That’s the place where I think – it’s the most immediate, direct interaction, moreso than Facebook. There’s no limit to it; you’re limited on Facebook, but on Twitter I have about 10,500 followers. Then I look at people who have a billion [followers] and I’m like, “Holy shit, what happens?” Every time you tweet something, someone responds.

Avery: Facebook is a much lazier, more “ehh, I’ll just check this” kind of thing, whereas on Twitter something’s always happening. Tweets are always coming. It’s become a thing where so much of what’s going on now… It feels like you’re in a big room with a bunch of people. That kind of makes it fun. So, you could be standing next to your best friend that you’ve known for ten years, or you could be standing next to friggin’ Axl Rose or Shaquille O’Neal. That’s what makes it exciting. I can’t think of any weird or negative Twitter experiences.

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