Am I Right Ladies? More Like Royal DREADING Gifts

Ladies let’s face it, we’re all in various stages of recovery from Prince William fever. Whether it was a sexy dream we had one time, posters on our girlhood walls or a very expensive pilgrimage to Buckingham Palace five years ago only to find out he wasn’t even in England at the time – we’ve all been there. Some of us have a crippling credit card payment plan to show for it. But in these dark hours, sisters, we must band together. We must congratulate our sister Kate for reeling in the catch of the century. Remember, some day our prince will come – and hopefully we will too, amirightladies?

And what’s the best way to begin the healing? By buying s**t. Your spirits don’t have to be the only thing in decline, amirightVISA? So c’mon my sulking shopaholics – let’s get commemorative!

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