Questionable Choices: We Must Stop the Monkeytail Beard!

There’s a new trend in facial hair and it’s this half-beard wraparound thing called the monkeytail (for self-evident reasons). There are ten documented cases of terrible razor-related decision making over at Geekologie, and feel it’s our duty, as women with access to an audience, to cut this thing off at the pass. Who’s with us? Good.

Now chant it: “Kill the monkeytail! Kill the monkeytail!”

(h/t Tara Ariano)

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    • Tina

      there are way more than 10 out there! look at all of them! they don’t seem like bad guys, but they need to shave!!!!!

    • Rachel

      EWWWW this is so nasty! Stop stop stop!

    • steph


    • Boobala

      this is excellent. what is better than a guy with a sense of humor??

    • Stephanie

      “Ew! Like, those men and junk think they can shave their facial hair, like, how they want. Don’t they, like, read their Us Weekly magazine where it, like, totally says men should be hairless as effeminate as possible? Beards are, like, so gross and stuff. We girls at the nail salon all talk about how gross beards are as we pay big bucks to glue thick reptilian claws onto our fingertips.” – Jane Everywoman