Gallery: Foreign Junk Food/Snacks That You Can’t Find in the United States

Junk food is serious business, guys. So serious, in fact, that some delectable treats that we may have encountered thanks to foreign relatives or trips outside the U.S. aren’t considered safe enough for the States, or simply aren’t available. Click through to check out the yummy treats that you’ll have to bribe a customs official to get your greedy mitts on. This is by no means a complete list, so please share your own favorites in the comments!

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    • Stephanie

      Bought some Nestle Smarties and a bag of Mars Malteasers Saturday at the local Publix supermarket, tons– er– “tonnes” of UK food here in Florida. Eating now.

    • Rachel

      Kinder Surprise is also available it Canada (my dad works at one of the Kinder Surprise re-packaging plants). They are so yummy! The chocolate has this inner layer of milky flavoured stuff (not white chocolate). SO GOOD! Canada’s Candy RULES!!

    • S.G

      The Kraft sharp cheddar and white cheddar is available in the USA. I see it all the time