Ian Nelson and Kayla Prescott Cast as District 3 Tributes in ‘The Hunger Games’

Two more unknowns have joined the Hunger Games cast, playing the male and female tributes from District 3. As I mentioned in yesterday’s rundown of the twelve districts and their specialties, residents of District 3 make up for being physically weaker than their opponents by using their superb technological skills to sabotage the other kids in the Arena. In fact, Ian Nelson‘s character manages to alter some of the Arena’s weapons for his own use…

Now, on to the actors. Interestingly, there is an IMDb page for Kayla Prescott, though it has her first name listed as Kalia. She’s done stunts for The Santa Clause 3 and Red Dawn, standing in for Isabel Lucas in the latter. She also had an uncredited appearance in Where the Wild Things Are. Nelson’s sole film credit is an upcoming historical drama called Alone Yet Not Alone; he’s also attended the illustrious Stagedoor Manor theater camp.

That’s 8 tributes cast, and 16 to go, not to mention the other supporting characters. (John C. Reilly is reportedly in talks to play Haymitch Abernathy.) While you’re waiting for next casting announcement for Lionsgate, find out which district you would belong to and what specialties each one has. The Hunger Games will be released on March 23, 2012.

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