Snap This: ‘Star Wars’ Math Test

There’s something very satisfying about starting and ending the day with silly Star Wars allusions in daily life. You know who else is satisfied? The kid who marked up his/her (I’m gonna guess his) math test with these corrections to ensure that he could solve integers and velocity and such with a clear conscience. You can bet that the writers of the next edition of this math textbook will check Wikipedia before guessing at the name of Darth Vader’s daughter. (The book is from 1998 — come on, Return of the Jedi came out in 1983.)

That said, some Redditors are calling fake since the Es in “impossible” and “see [me]” are written with the same downturned leg. But even if one person wrote the comments for the teacher and the student, the textbook itself remains hilariously incorrect.

[via Reddit]

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