‘The Hunger Games’: What Your District Says About You

Two new fan sites for The Hunger Games have cropped up, with the option of getting matched to a district and participating in the 74th Hunger Games (the same one that Katniss goes through, and that the upcoming movie is about). Lionsgate has confirmed that these sites aren’t associated with the film, and it’s unclear if they’re from the same creators, but they certainly fit well together.

The first, Hunger Games Tesserae, invites you to send your personal info and find out who you are in this dystopian world. It’s the modern equivalent of Harry Potter‘s Sorting Hat: You’re put into one of twelve districts, each responsible for a different sort of agriculture or craft.

Are we the only ones getting a Colbert Report flashback?

Anyway. If you follow the hashtag #panemoctober on Twitter and Tumblr, you’ll find your fellow district members who are reporting what kinds of e-mails and text messages they’ve received from characters like Haymitch and Effie.

First, a quick history of Panem, the dystopian nation in the Hunger Games series. Author Suzanne Collins has said that it would take “triple digits” in terms of years for North America to become Panem, thanks to a global war that leaves the continent desolate. Panem rises out of the ashes of that devastation, with a shining Capitol and thirteen districts, each predisposed to a different form of agriculture or merchandising.

Seventy-four years before the first book, there was another war: The Dark Days, in which the districts rebelled against the Capitol. One by one, the Capitol beat down the insurrections, and completely obliterated District 13. That’s when the Hunger Games began, as a way to remind the districts of their limited power and the price of rebellion.

In the following slides you’ll find the rundown on each district (along with the affiliated Tumblr account). The second half of this process remains a mystery. Welcome to Panem features only a locked door and the enigmatic message “Capitol Access Required.” According to the countdown, around September 30 or October 1 the lock should open. What’s behind it is anyone’s guess.

In the meantime, which district are you?

[Sources: Wikipedia, The Hunger Games Wiki; awesome Panem map by LiveJournal users aimmyarrowshigh and badguys]

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    • Wow

      How did we draw the conclusion that District 11 works exclusively in cotton fields? There were numerous mentions of Rue and the others working in orchards in high trees. The books also refer to District 11 as an agricultural district including orchards, grains and cotton– not just cotton. Nice conclusion that because they were black, they were working in cotton fields. Terrible.

      • Natalie Zutter

        I didn’t mean to be offensive; I’m sorry if I did offend you. I drew my conclusion from the descriptions I read on both Wikis — and if anything, the fact that Rue and Thresh were black was the last thing I considered. In fact, I just read the beginning of Catching Fire, and Katniss’ first-hand description of District 11 seems to corroborate what I was thinking.

        However, you’re right — I shouldn’t have omitted the orchards. I’ll fix it when I have a chance. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Naomi

      District 9 is electricity. Check te part of the hunger games where Peeta is describing each districts bread

      • John

        actually, district 9 is grain. get your facts rigte

    • Mariah

      When has Collins – or the books – said that District Five is involved in DNA splicing? Not doubting you, just wondering when that was mentioned. Or is it just fanon?