Questionable Choices: This Is What Anna Wintour Wore to the Knicks Game

Anna Wintour was one of the many celebs in attendance to watch the Knicks lose their final quarterfinal match against the Celtics in spectacular fashion yesterday. And this is what she wore! A conservative top, jewels, and a poofy skirt in Knickerbocker orange and blue. We’re all for team spirit, but there’s something weirdly cognitively dissonant about rocking uniform colors on an article of clothing that’s so utterly un-sporty. Like, somehow wearing a black tutu to a Dodger game would be less weird than wearing a blue and white tutu, because one could reasonably argue that they just happened to be wearing a tutu and happened to have arrived at the stadium. Or something. Like we said, this photo did something weird to our brain.

(via WENN)

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    • Jess

      The worst part is that her baby toe is falling off her shoe.