Jack Quaid… Revealed!

So okay, Jack Quaid‘s just been cast in The Hunger Games as the character Marvel — the male tribute from District 1. And who’s Jack Quaid? He’s celeb royalty, the son of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid! What else is up what’s up with this cute 20-year-old? Here are five things you need to know.

1. Jack’s a student at NYU. Before that, he attended the private school Crossroads in Los Angeles.

2. The Hunger Games role is totally Jack’s first film. No pressure or anything.

3. Jack does sketch comedy. He and his friends put together a group called Neon Albatross, based out of Los Angeles. He’s also a member of the NYU group Hammerkatz, which once claimed Donald Glover as a member.

4. He’s got a bunch of half-siblings. Meg Ryan adopted a Chinese girl, Daisy True, and Dennis Quaid had twins with his new wife, Thomas and Zoe.

5. According to pop Dennis, who was interviewed about Jack in USA Today, the kid’s two main interests are “girls and school plays.”

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