Marshmallow Peeps Need A Drink(ing Game)

Or more specifically, 10 Ways to Kill Marshmallow Peeps needs a a drinking game in honor of Easter Sunday. Last Peeps post, I promise. Here’s your video:

And here are your rules:

Peep appears waiting to be run over by a car: Take one drink.
Peep is flushed down the toilet: Take one very swirly drink.
Peep is smushed: Take one drink for every smush (there are a lot of them, and they come in many different varieties, so pay attention).

Peep explodes in the microwave: Take two drinks. A classic!
Peep is dissolved to death: Drop one Peep in your drink and down it.
Peep has a blowtorch taken to it: Take a drink and chase it with a Peep crème brûlée.

Peep is eaten: Take one drink.
Eaten Peep is spat back out: Spit out your drink.
Peep is killed with a kitchen appliance: Take one drink for each appliance.
Peep is finally run over by a car: Finish the bottle and peel the Peep off the driveway.

Happy Easter!

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