Video Gallery: 9 Pop-Culture Reenactments Starring Marshmallow Peeps

Easter: Yet another religious holiday that has been taken over by the candy companies. More specifically, it’s been appropriated by Just Born, makers of the marshmallow monstrosity known as the Peep. Peeps, generally, are disgusting. They do, however, look really cute, which means that they lend themselves to all sorts of endeavors not necessarily related to eating. We’ve already brought you the artistic genius of the Washington Post’s Peep Show V; now, we bring you the oh-so-creative (and somewhat disturbing) things people do to their Peeps when video cameras become involved. Specifically, people seem to enjoy recreating scenes from pop-culture. Here are the best of the best pop-culture reenactments starring those crazy marshmallow creatures:

1) Peep Wars
Naturally, Star Wars is one of the most popular choices of material to give the Peeps treatment. Luke is a yellow bunny Peep, Han is a purple bunny Peep, and the Millenium Falcon is a giant Peppermint Patty. My teeth kind of hurt thinking about all that sugar.

2) Peep Floyd: The Wall
All in all you’re just another Peep in the wall.

3) Project Peepway
Make it work, people. Make it work.

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