• Fri, Apr 22 2011

The Celebrities That Crushable Contributors Are Dating In Their Dreams

I used to date Bill Hader. He’s hilarious and everything, but ultimately we broke up because he realized that I was actually in love with his Saturday Night Live character, Stefon, and not with him. Though my relationship with Billfon only lasted a few minutes, those were a great couple of minutes. But I woke up to find that Billfon was gone and my actual boyfriend, who would be upset if I left him for Bill Hader but would probably want to come along if I left him for Stefon, was there.

It’s normal to dream about celebrities – in fact, famous people often represent real people in your life in dreamland. And if you spend a lot of time reading celebrity gossip sites or reading about famous people in magazines, it’s logical for stuff you’ve learned that day to bleed into your subconscious. To make sure I wasn’t alone in my neurosis, I polled other members of Team Crushable.

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  • Amanda Ernst

    Paige — that graphic is HILARIOUS

  • Paige

    Thanks, Amanda… I thought it was a little bitchy cutting out his girlfriend’s face, but 11-year-old Paige was cheering me on all the way!

  • Tommy’s for me

    Too Funny! Memories….