Did Corey Simms Cheat On Leah Messer?

Clearly Leah Messer has Us Weekly on speed dial, because they’ve run three stories this week about the Teen Mom 2 stars’ divorce, all from Leah’s perspective. Today’s article claims that Leah suspected husband Corey Simms was cheating on her when he reportedly flirted with a woman named Jordan Humble on Facebook. (I’m sorry, he “sent amorous messages” to her.) Corey allegedly met up with Jordan at a Wal-Mart. This might explain those rumors we heard about Corey and Leah sniping at each other via Facebook.

What is it about people from Teen Mom using Wal-Mart as a meat market? Both Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley hooked up with people they’d met at Wally World during the last season of Teen Mom. I get that they live in small towns and are too young for bars, but what about Starbucks or something?

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    • Katie

      Small towns don’t have Starbucks. We only got a Starbucks around 3 years ago. We’re always behind the times :(

    • Anne

      Well, Starbucks aside, small towns do generally still have things resembling coffee shops, yes?

      • Katie

        Ummm…. McDonald’s? A donut shop? Both of these places are always crawling with old people though. I truly cannot think of a place that’s just for coffee that isn’t 45 min away or more. We’re pathetic.