Pregnant ‘Teen Mom 2′ Sidekick Megan Nelson Hospitalized with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Megan Nelson, whom we got to know as Chelsea Houska‘s best friend and roommate on Teen Mom 2, was taken to the hospital today with carbon monoxide poisoning. The diagnosis is especially scary considering that Megan is pregnant right now.

Today, Megan’s father Lance updated Megan’s Facebook page with the following:

This is Lance Posting. Megan just spent 4 hours in the ER with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. They detected it in her blood and she had to be hooked up to Oxygen to help reverse it. I will post more in the comments section below.

The apartment that Megan and Cody [her boyfriend] live in has a carbon monoxide detector and it went off several times. Each time she would call the landlord and they would send somebody to look at it or they would tell her to unplug it or take the batteries out. I told her to call 911 next time and the apartment would have to pay and follow up. Today the same thing happened and she called the landlord and told them she was concerned and got the same response. She called 911 and the fire department came and there was Carbon Monoxide in the apartment and she couldn’t go back. Her Dr. had her go to the ER and she can’t go back to the apartment until the fire department gives her the ok. Some dumbass next door to her was starting their car in the garage and letting it run to warm up. The carbon monoxide was leaking through the walls.

Luckily, Megan and her unborn son are both okay. However, she can’t yet return to her house, as it has not yet been cleared as safe. Feel better, Megan!

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