25 Crushable Guys Under 25 For 2011

Here at Crushable, we pride ourselves at being able to pick cute and adorable men out of a lineup. And once a year, we like to make a bit of science out of it. Last year’s picks from our Crushable 25 List went on to some major achievements, including starring in films that grossed over $200 million (Daniel Radcliffe and Taylor Lautner), acting from an Oscar winning screenplay (Max Minghella) and releasing a new album that went platinum in the first month (Drake). One is also now a new dad (ahem, Aaron Johnson).

And so we present this year’s list. Some of our choices are obvious (Justin Bieber anyone?) others are less so. This year we’ve expanded the list to include some awesome tech stars and emerging internet talents. We’ve compiled the list by using a super secret algorithm that involves OMGICU statisticians*, the  important Crushable Factor** and glitter***. And with no further adieu, we present you with Crushable’s 25 Most Crushable Guys Under 25 for 2011. Enjoy! You’ll be seeing a lot more of these guys over the next year.

*Our friends at soon-to-launch celebrity spotting website OMGICU have used their social media wizardry to calculate the science behind our list. Their social media measurements include each guy’s Twitter influence, Facebook chatter and Google search results.

**But we’ve also included our very own calculations to the mix. Including The Crushable Girlfriend Metric, which helped us solidify the final numbers. (Click on that link. It’s awesome.)

***No, really. Glitter.

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    • Hillary

      Wait you posted James Newman and not anyone from British Skins? Crushable I am mad at you.

    • Mish

      OMG. Shane Dawsone FTW. He is my FAVORITE.

    • Tally

      I want to have Sidney Crosby’s babies. The end.

    • Neptuny

      The American Tony? No. No! NOOO!!!

    • Neptuny

      I just realized that guy from ‘Pretty Little Liars’ whom I found cute was actually the guy I found cute four years ago in the Mexican telenovela ‘Rebelde.’ Mind blown! I’m so consistent!

    • Frankie

      Tim Tebow? Really? The fact that he’s super anti choice makes him crushable? Gross. Gross gross gross. Let’s try not to get crushes on assholes who hate women and think they have the right to dictate what we do with our own internal organs, mmmkay?

      (Also, fundamentalists are shitty in bed. Fact.)

      • Meghan Keane

        Hi Frankie, Sorry you’re sad to see Tebow on the list. We didn’t pick him because he’s pro-life, but rather because he scores impressively high on all our social media metrics. Also, his popularity hasn’t waned since that controversial Superbowl ad. It’s still climbing.

    • Jordan

      Uh..WHERE IS CHORD OVERSTREET?! and tim tebow needs to be eliminated along with Edward Cullen…

    • lishalishalisha

      Simply curious, is this list global? I know Diego Boneta is on here, but G-Dragon, from South Korea, is pretty freaking amazing at 22. He sings, raps, dances, and produces. Next year, I guess.

      • Meghan Keane

        Thanks for the heads up lisha. We’ll check him out.

    • king

      ohhh!!!! wait i can’t see “booboo stewart”…and what the heck is jay pharoah doing here…..

    • ?

      Dude, where the hell is LOGAN LERMAN! He is adorable. Put him on that list.

    • Ashley

      Haven’t seen Nurse Jackie yet but I’m gonna have to start watching. He’s sexy!

    • Jenny

      I know that guy, i was in the same place in Uganda when he volunteered.

    • Bella

      YESSSS Shane Dawson <3 <3 I love him soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!

      As for beiber, well…..I'm not so thrilled.