Leah Messer and Corey Simms’ Divorce: It’s Official

Although I was hoping against hope that Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer and Corey Simms were not getting divorced, it’s increasingly looking true. According to the West Virginia Gazette’s register of official documents, Leah did file for divorce last week. Though the couple’s wedding didn’t air on MTV until this month, it actually took place last October, which means they’ve been married about six months. Sources tell Crushable that the two have been fighting for some time and posted angry messages on each others’ private Facebook walls, which were later removed. This information corroborates what In Touch Weekly reported last week, which is that Leah and Corey were fighting over who was entitled to the paychecks from MTV and that Corey had withdrawn a large sum of money from their joint bank account to pay for a new truck. (You’ll remember Corey crying on Leah’s 16 and Pregnant episode because he had to sell his truck.)

Though Leah’s costar Kailyn Lowry denied the divorce rumors on her Twitter account, both Leah and Corey had remained silent, leading many to believe that the accusations were true. I know it’s stupid to care this much about two teenagers who have a reality show, but I have to commend MTV’s editors for really making me think that this couple was going to make it. I assume season 2 of Teen Mom 2 is going to deal with Corey and Leah’s split, as well as decisions about custody for twins Aliannah and Aleeah.

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    • Carrie

      I bet money this is all a ruse. It’s just going to give MTV and Teen Mom 2 more publicity. It never was and never will be reality TV. MTV provokes these situations, just like every other “reality” TV producer. Eventually the hum-drum, mundane stuff gets boring, so why not crush our hopes of the adorable wedded bliss with a big (on-camera, mind you) divorce?

    • Megan

      I really like Corey and Leah, and tought they were most responsibel and level headed couple on the show. Really sad for the two and their girls. I just hope they can work it out

    • BrittAny smith

      I know everyone messes up and everyOne has their days but I look up too you guys iam like your biggest fan prolly lol ,but Leah and Corey need too try and make things work for the girls case ,I was one of those kids that had to go through a devours every other weekend to see my mom yeah thats suck but you guys make teen mom 2, I have never cryer so hard over two people that I don’t even know, but that’s all I wanted 2 cause it really hurts a family without their real dad.