Crushable Quotable: Emma Watson Joins the Celebrity Perfectionist Club

Being a celebrity is hard! In addition to being rich and beautiful, many of them suffer from deadly cases of perfectionism. Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow said that her biggest “flaw” was being a perfectionist, and now Emma Watson has cited perfectionism as the reason that she dropped out of is taking a break from her studies at Brown University. “I just knew I was going to be beating myself up because I wasn’t going to be able to be doing the best that I knew that I could at school or in my job,” she said in an interview. “If I’d been getting B’s or C’s I would’ve been really upset.”

So that’s why I am not as gorgeous and successful as Emma Watson – I got a C in calculus once. Seriously, though – Emma seems like a cool girl, and she hasn’t followed the crop of starlets who are better known for their relationship dramas and arrest records than their work. But if the real reason she is leaving school is because she can make a fuckton of money being in beauty product commercials, then why not be upfront about it? Would you give up your endorsement deal with Lancome if you thought that the print ads would be slightly less than perfect? I doubt it, because you’d be too busy counting the giant pile of money and free cosmetics they gave you.

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    • Kate

      I really don’t see what your problem is with people calling themselves perfectionists. At the root of that is a lot of self-consciousness and criticism, and it is also one of the things that turns people to eating disorders and some mood disorders.

      You may think that because Gwyneth and Emma are very successful, that their emotional issues do not matter, but that is ridiculous. Perfectionist tendencies can be very painful and difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Also, I am sure many people were pushing Emma Watson back towards Hollywood; I would not consider taking a break from college to pursue other job possibilities ‘dropping out’.

      They may be cash cows, but there’s no reason you should belittle them for wanting to be the best they can be. Stop being so jealous.