Snap This: What Happens When You Combine “Ugly” Celebrities

Redditor iamgame made a sort of visual celebrity bracket, combining 16 older male celebrities that he considered conventionally unattractive. It’s a strange bunch: Seth Rogen and Steve Buscemi sit side-by-side with Hitler and Marilyn Manson. I definitely wouldn’t argue that all of these men are ugly per se, but my personal view isn’t the point of this. After iamgame spent two hours on MorphThing, he’d come up with the image above. Though we (and, I imagine, he) may have expected an amalgamation of unattractive men to create the most unattractive man, you actually get the reverse: An average-looking guy. (Also, I need to make the Rowan Atkinson/Michael Jackson mash-up my avatar on some site.)

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