Crush Links: Hayden Panettiere Struggles With Her Own Case of Fitting a “Watermelon into a Pinhole”

How does 5’1″ Hayden Panettiere have sex with her 6’6″ boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko? “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” (Dlisted)

Emma Watson feels bad for Kate Middleton, who has to deal with the pressure of constantly being in the limelight. Yeah… must be tough.  (People)

Demi Lovato opened up about her eating disorder that landed her in rehab. (Us Magazine)

A former My Super Sweet Sixteen star is a suspect in a brutal attack. (TMZ)

Beyonce’s father insists that he stepped down from being her manager for “strategic” business reasons. (Perez Hilton)


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