Jim Is a YouTube Star, and Stifler Is a Failure, in ‘American Pie 4′

There were a couple years where a new American Pie movie was forgettable news, since the franchise has become sort of like National Lampoon, where it’s just a name stamped on stories of horny teenagers. But Australian website What’s Playing (via Moviefone) has got the details of American Reunion, the fourth major American Pie movie starring all of the original actors: Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Eugene Levy, Seann William Scott, and more.

It’s been eight years since American Wedding, where Jim (Biggs) and Michelle (Hannigan) got married, and as you can guess from the new film’s title, everyone is attending their high-school reunion. It’s fitting, since the first American Pie revolved around the four boys trying to lose their virginities before prom night. Similar to the upcoming Scream 4, which is also a decade removed from its last installment, American Reunion is using technology as major plot elements. Here’s what to expect for each of the characters:

  • The reunion is made possible by the wonders of Facebook, and even though the site lets everyone know what their friends have been up to, some people have still been lying about their lives. For instance, Stifler (Scott) is still a temp and works for an awful boss who calls him “his bitch.” He’s also losing with the ladies.
  • Oz (Chris Klein) hit it big on a Dancing with the Stars-type reality show, so he’s now something of a celebrity.
  • Jim has become a YouTube sensation thanks to his famous encounter with Nadia in the first movie, which was broadcast via webcam to the whole school. Despite that embarrassing footage existing on the Internet, the girl living next door has a huge crush on him. Uh oh.

What’s Playing reports that while only Levy, Biggs, and Scott have officially signed on, the rest of the cast will appear. Which means — Jennifer Coolidge may be returning as Stifler’s mom! No word on if the apple pie from the first film will make a cameo.

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