Video Gallery: The Best of LEGO Pop Culture Animations

Have any of you ever played any of the numerous LEGO video games there are? Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman, Harry Potter… I’m addicted to them all. Though honestly, I can’t really explain that. They’re not even particularly good games, as far as video games go. No, I suspect it’s simpler than that: There is something enormously amusing about running around a little LEGO world as a little LEGO person. Add in the fact that you get to run around a little LEGO Barnett College as a little LEGO Indiana Jones, and well… you get the picture. This might also explain my obsession with LEGO stop-motion animation: There are scores and scores of extremely clever people out there who take common pop culture icons, build them in LEGO, and then go the extra step further and MAKE THEM COME ALIVE. There have been LEGO film scenes, LEGO music videos, even LEGO recreations of classic Nintendo games… the list goes on. Here, we have assembled some of our very favorite LEGO animations for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of YouTube. Happy watching!

1) Eddie Izzard, “Cake or Death?”
YouTube user Thorn2200 has made some brilliant animations set to bits of the wonderful Eddie Izzard’s stand-up routines. One of the great things about stop-motion animation is that objects and people can magically appear, disappear, or turn into other things, and this video makes great use of that fact. You must have tea and cake with the vicar… or you DIE

2) The Beatles, “Eleanor Rigby”
This may have something to do with the fact that “Eleanor Rigby” is hands-down my favorite Beatles song, but I find there to be something bizarrely beautiful about this video. Maybe it’s the way all the little lonely LEGO people just keep marching in unison through their repetitive little LEGO lives.

3) The Fastest and Funniest Star Wars Story Ever Told
Want to watch Star Wars, but don’t have time for the whole movie? Try this one instead. I wish I had that kid’s LEGO collection.

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