Want Dwight Schrute to Drop By Your Workplace, or Visit ‘The Office’ Yourself?

CharityBuzz is giving fans of The Office two big chances to get more in touch with the show: The site is currently running two auctions, one that will bring Rainn Wilson to a New York City workplace (ending April 18) and one that will let the winner visit the Office set in Los Angeles (ending May 1).

If you win the first auction, then Wilson, perhaps best known as Dwight Schrute, will spend 45 minutes at the winning workplace to hang out with the winner and his/her coworkers, telling anecdotes and overall “boost[ing] the morale.” Or you can tell everyone but the new guy that Dwight is coming, and wait for the surprise. However, Wilson’s visit doesn’t come cheap: The latest bid is $8,600.

The Office set visit auction is currently set at $2,500. If you win, you and a friend get a tour of the set from Wilson sometime in the fall or winter of 2011, per the shooting schedule. This one’s got a few weeks left, so there’s a chance it’ll climb as high as the NYC auction. But consider that both benefit New York’s Children’s Theater Company — aww.

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