Jenelle Evans’ Sister Is Pregnant With Triplets

There must be something in the water! Teen Mom 2‘s Janelle Evans is about to become an aunt – her sister Ashleigh Evans Wilson (pictured at left with Jenelle and her son), who lives in southern California with her husband, is expecting triplets. This week’s OK magazine says that Ashleigh will be moving back in with mom Barbara Evans until the babies are born in the fall – reportedly, her husband is in the military and stationed abroad right now, which might be why Ashleigh wants to be around her mom. If this is true, then Barbara should just go ahead and open a day care.

Although Ashleigh has never been on Teen Mom 2 (there are rumors that she attended baby Jace‘s birthday party but wore a wig so she wouldn’t be noticed in the background of the scene), it could be interesting if she ends up on the show. She and Jenelle reportedly have a good relationship – the instructional video Jenelle made about using a hair clip was dedicated to Ashleigh, because Jenelle sent her sister a hair clip for her birthday. At the very least, maybe poor little Jace will get some playmates.

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    • DG

      Lilit- love the Teen Mom updates.. I check in everyday to see what new gems you’ve uncovered.

      Since I’ve seen every episode of this trainwreck.. Ashleigh was definitely on the episode with Jace’s b-day party, but it was for maybe 13 seconds, her hair definitely looked fake (which makes me agree with the wig part… but that fake hair looks weirdly similiar to her hair in the above pic, no?), and when she and the rest of the fam trooped into Barbara’s house, their ID was just a general “Jenelle’s Family”.. so Ashleigh never got pinpointed as the sister.

      Triplets, really? You’re right.. Barbara should quit her barely-minimum-wage job at Walmart, and just run a day care center for her own grandkids.

      • Lilit Marcus

        DG, the fact that you read all these Teen Mom posts totally makes my day! I need to go back and rewatch the episode with Jace’s birthday party, but your memory is pretty accurate. Good catch about the “Jenelle’s Family” caption – Ashleigh has really been under the radar. I wonder if she, like Maci’s older brother, had no interest in being on the show.

    • Samantha Wilson

      This is all a lie! She is not even pregnant, her husband is in the military but he is not deployed and is not deploying like she said!!! She is trying to get in the limelight by using her sister! Im telling you guys this is ALL A LIE!!!!!

    • Hannah Rose Siegel

      This is all Barb needs.

    • chad

      just what we need more trash. why cant these sluts keep their legs closed?

    • Alicia Lynee’

      Not triplets. Just one very unfortunate son :(