Am I Right Ladies? A Fancy Feast of Love

If you love your cat so much, why don’t you marry it? Let’s face it single girls, we’ve all seriously considered this question at one lonely moment or other. I actually once tried to file for a marriage license at the courthouse, but couldn’t even get past security. I guess this right wing world we live in can’t resist putting a leash on love, amirightladies?

Luckily, there’s a company that understands this feeling of ours isn’t just a passing cat fancy. Fancy Feast knows a cat makes for the perfect life partner. It snuggles with you, it actually responds to your touch (unlike my college boyfriend, amirightladies?) and it will validate your affection as long as you feed it gourmet synthetic tuna.

Their latest ad campaign really pumps up the “you go girl” empowerment factor by saying: “Hey, don’t give UP, give IN to the most natural feeling in the world: Love. For Your Cat.”  And they do this with endless romantic pictures of women and their fluffy white pussies.

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