12 Celebrities Who Were Teen Moms

MTV’s hit show Teen Mom has been the source of lots of controversy. Recently, Kim Kardashian blasted the show on her Twitter, saying that it made her sick. Religious groups have also spoken out, saying that the show glorifies teen motherhood. With young celebrities like Bristol Palin and Jamie Lynn Spears becoming teen moms and shows like Secret Life of the American Teenager becoming big hits, discussion of teen motherhood in the media has never been more relevant. Meet these 12 celebrities who also happen to have been teen parents.

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    • MC

      Why wouldn’t you include the ages of all these women?

    • Janie

      While teen marriage is another issue entirely I will point out that at least 5 of these women were married at the time the children were born. While they may not all have been planned, Their “teen pregnancies” can’t necessarily compare to the unplanned pregnancies profiled in the reality shows.

    • Sarah

      Janie- exactly. Many were married, or decades ago. People forget that 18-20 is the prime time for having a healthy baby, historically 15, 14, 13 was common. The girls can be perfectly ready, it’s society that isn’t. Shirley temple had a baby at age 19 in what, the 50s? Does anyone know how common that was then?? The body isn’t meant to wait until 30 or later.

    • Mother

      If you can support yourself and a baby in your teen years go for it, but most teens nowadays have no idea how to raise a baby and have never done a lick of work in their lives. Part of being ready for a baby is gaining the means of supporting one. We don’t want to support your baby. Last year 41% of the babies were born to single mothers. A single teenage mother can’t support a baby. Most of us have 2 incomes in the family and it’s still hard. Children of single parents lag far behind their peers in school and throughout their lives. Children of single parents have more mental and legal problems than their peers. Shirley Temple was married and had a huge income when she had her baby. Are you in that same position? Use birth control and practice safe sex. Have a baby when you can do it right. Don’t make up stuff to justify your ignorant mistakes.

    • Nolan

      LeBron’s girlfriend barely counts b/c she isn’t famous at all. It is her star boyfriend that is.

    • Spring

      Don’t forget Oprah but, her son died.