The Real Housewives of New York City Analyze ‘Bethenny Ever After’ Episode 6

This week, Bethenny grappled with the idea of turning 40, the idea of sharing her birthday with her mother, and bad childhood birthday memories. She planned a big birthday for herself, but as she reached the day of the party, she realized she no longer wanted the party, but decided to go through with it, anyhow. Seeing Bethenny break down makes us root for her even more. Check out what the ladies of Real Housewives of New York City had to say about this week’s episode.

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    • NanA4

      Did Jill really say that about Bethenny? You’ve got to be kidding. SHE has the nerve to talk about Karma? Jill, if this is how you react to seeing someone you once “loved” in such obvious pain, I think you’re the one who better be worried about “karma” honey.
      Bethenny, keep smiling…We love you!

    • NanA4

      Kelly, your comment proves to me just how weird you are. That scene, without doubt, was the most touching, loving, wonderful scene of the show. They were in bathing suits Kel, okay Miss “Posing for Playboy Nude Makes Me A Good Role Model For My Kids”? They were TOGETHER, Kel, having fun, and that is all that Bethenny wanted to do for her birthday. THAT is what brought her the most happiness. Understand now Kel? Probably not.

    • Cara

      You guys, the ladies of The Real Housewives never said any of those things. Get a sense of humor!

    • By LM (Brooklyn)

      First of all Lu ann needs to get a life and stop acting like she is so better than everyone, Bethanny is successful because she is who she is and not scared to be herself and mix with other people. Gina was covering for Jason’s parents. And Bethanny is better off without Jill in her life. When you stop blocking your blessings good things happen. Bethanny got rid of Jill and here came Jason and Bryn, you go girl.

    • By LM (Brooklyn)

      Kelly can you please sit down somewhere and have another breakdown about someone trying to kill you. What was inappropriate about the bath, for god’s sake they were all in bathing suits. I am convinced when bethanny said that you are crazy. Something is truly wrong with you to take something so innocent and turn it into something bad. Maybe if you had a husband maybe your outlook on life would be different. Get a life, Get a man and stay in your lane, your not on bethanny’s level. Don’t hate on her because she has a husband that adooooorrresss her. Jealousy is not good for the soul.

    • Judy

      None of the women on this season of nyc housewives has a teeny weeny thought in their collective skulls. For some reason all of them even sonja phony has tried to act like they are such hot sheet. Not one of them has an inkly of their selves. Envy is a deadly sin.

    • dawn

      Hi there,
      I’m looking for the drink recipe that bethenny shared with Shawn.