Poll: Do You Believe James Franco’s Theory that Social Media is Over?

The all-knowing James Franco is many things: an actor, a professor, and now a predictor of technology trends. Oh No They Didn’t! reported that James claims that the fad of Facebook and Twitter is “over” and that “he feels too much time is wasted on the sites and insisted that the trend will no longer be relevant in a few years’ time.” He told Politico, “Social media is over. Still up there. Going down. You heard it here first… If you want to write, make the time. We all have an hour or two a day that can be used for surfing Facebook or writing. No one is going to beg any new writer to write.”

I’m going to have to stop you there, Professor Franco. I definitely do not agree with your prediction. More and more companies are hiring people to specifically manage their social media sites and networking. And by the number of older people getting Facebooks, I’d say that Facebook and Twitter will be around for a long time. Might your prediction that social media is over have to do more with the fact that you were frustrated by the responses you received on your own Twitter?


Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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