Good Idea or Bad Idea: Hayley Williams on the Cover of Cosmo

Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams is on the cover of the new issue of Cosmopolitan. We think she looks great – dig the polka-dotted dress! But for a magazine that usually features stars of the traditional sex kitten variety (Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde) on the cover, Hayley is definitely an unusual choice. She’s edgier than their usual cover girls (as witnessed in the styling choices – she gets a big metallic cuff and heavy necklace to indicate that she’s a rocker), but it’s really nice to see the magazine choosing someone a little less traditional.

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    • Jamie

      Conventionally pretty, skinny, tits pushed up…she looks great, but it’s hardly any different from their usual covers.

    • Shelby

      Best idea. I think she’s really cool.

    • jonnyx

      …hmmm..cute, nice body, what more do you want? edgy? hardly. easy on the eyes….yessir.

    • Becca

      I think it is a bad idea. Usually they show girls who are classic sexy. She looks frumpy in the picture, and looks like she needs some help with her posture. Overall I think they should stick to the naturally sexy and chic ladies that they usually choose.

      • Syka

        I think it shows that cosmo can reach out to all women represent themselves with a unique style. Its not fair to say shes “Frumpy” when photographers pose the majority of the models. Shes different, I like that. Im tired of looking at that famewhore Kardashian, as well as the overplayed sitcom “cutesy girl” I, for one appreciate someone who is themselves and not what their fans want. Kudos to Haley. Because she has dyed flaming red hair thats not natural? What about the pounds of makeup they pour on the cover girls on every magazine?