The Most Hilarious TLC Casting Call Descriptions

Extreme Couponing is debuting on TLC soon. I’m the first to say that I love reality TV, and I watch Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom like it’s my job (well, actually, that is part of my job). But for some reason, I can’t get into some of the reality shows that are out there right now. Like, Extreme Couponing? Really? I took it upon myself to venture onto the casting call section of TLC’s website. Some of these are funny and some are ridiculously boring. They all present the question of, “Why is this on TV?” But, then again, there’s a niche for everyone. Check these out and see if any of them sound appealing to you. You could find your big break here!

Freaky Eaters

Are you addicted to one food and one food only?

Is a food phobia taking over your life?

Are you a Freaky Eater?

If you or a loved one have an extremely freaky eating habit and need professional help, please contact us with the following information at

(Calling all anorexics, bulimics, and over-eaters. Should the real world really be privy to your food issues?)

Strange Sex

Are you interested in participating in upcoming episodes of Strange Sex?

If you have a sexual condition or dysfunction, or a unique or interesting sex-related habit or lifestyle, we’d love to hear from you.

To be considered, please contact us via email at

(Appear on Strange Sex and kiss your real sex life – and work life – goodbye forever.)

Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss

Are you a plus-size Bride who is ready to find the wedding dress of your dreams? If so, the hit TLC show Say Yes To The Dress: Big Bliss, wants to hear from you! Big Bliss is filmed at Kleinfeld Bridal, the world’s premiere bridal salon – located in NYC. The show follows the journey of plus-size brides as they shop to fulfill their dream dress fantasy for their very special day. If interested, fill out our application, and we’ll be contacting you to possibly a film your Say Yes moment!

(Friends of the bride better tread carefully, because what bride wants to be called plus-size?)

What the Sell?!

TLC is looking for the most fun, sentimental, antique, valuable and craziest collections in your possession! We are on the hunt for unique, unusual, and bizarre items in the greater Chicago area. We want to hear your stories and to show off your amazing find on our show. Don’t want to be on tv, but still have an outrageous item? We still want to hear about it! Please email us about your item or collection now!

(A reality show about a fantastic garage sale? I’d rather watch Parking Wars.)

Are You Trying to Conceive?

We’re looking for men, women and couples who are on the road to parenthood for the first, second, third times … or more!

Are you a newlywed trying to get pregnant for the first time? Are you a man or woman who put career first and is now looking to start a family? Has the recession delayed your dream of parenthood? Are you the husband of a woman struggling with conception? Are you a military family who wants to expand your family around scheduled deployment? If so, we want to hear your stories! is launching the second season of the online video series, A Conception Story: Six Journeys to Pregnancy ( We are looking for six men, women, or couples who are willing to document the emotional passage to pregnancy through monthly video diaries and blogs. Soon-to-be parents will be provided flip video cameras to document their road to pregnancy with frequent video updates. Each participant will also write blogs on

Participants will have access to the latest First Response products, including pregnancy, ovulation and fertility tests, as well as access to experts in the pregnancy and fertility fields.

We encourage men, women and couples in all stages of life and love to apply for this opportunity.

To be considered for this series, please email TLC no later than February 25,

(I’m sure this is groundbreaking on some level, but for me, it’s just TMI.)

My Strange Addiction

Think you have an unusual compulsive behavior or strange habit? Do you find it consuming you, affecting your life, work and relationships? If you or someone you know is suffering from a strange addiction and would be interested in participating in our program, please send us a short description of your unusual behavior and the impact it has on your daily life to: Please make sure to include your name, age, city of residence, a current photo, and a phone number or email where you can be reached for further questions.

(If you are seriously considering entering yourself, picture the looks on your coworkers’ face when you walk into the office on a Monday morning, knowing that they watched you suck on someone’s toes on TV last night.)

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