Snap This: Nickelback April Fools’ Prank

I know I gave you the exhaustive April Fools’ Day roundup on Friday, but I had to add just one more. The Daily What posted this fake but hilarious newspaper article (linked to by Twitter user @boomtisca) praising Nickelback for their amazing music and announcing that they had received the lifetime achievement award at the Grammys last February. I’m unable to tell where this fake newspaper comes from, but it looks as if the article beneath the Nickelback piece is about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

Though the writer attempted to make it sound like a professional piece, a lot of the tone is more editorial. Some great lines:

  • “We are all so excited,” said lead vocalist Chad Kroeger in a recent interview. “I’d like to thank Creed, Linkin Park, and the opera industry for providing us with inspiration and support.”
  • Before embracing his musical excellence, Kroeger worked at Starbucks, frequently telling customers “here’s your nickel back.”
  • “I mean, who knows?” said Kroeger. “A 3-D movie could be the best thing for our career. Only true visionary artists have those made. Just look at the Jonas Brothers, or Justin Bieber. Talk about real talent.”
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